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Tarragon Buckingham

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Tarragon the Paragon, Tarra is the most successful sister. She effortlessly achieves what most people can only dream of. Like winning four Olympic gold medals at the same time by soloing a team event? Been there done that, wasn't even hard, next?

First appearance (flashback) "Tarragon" First "real" appearance "Kerfuffle"


  • Tarra is 27 years old and the second Buckingham sister by birth order.
  • Tarra's hair is naturally multiple shades of blonde.
  • Tarra holds the title "The longest hair for the longest" and from that picture appears to be responsible for Ellie's current hair length (or at least she had cut it to that length since Ellie had grown to at least near current proportions and was a Facebook user at the time).
  • Tarra's birthmark on her cheeks is the letter "O" though it looks more like a blush mark. Tarra fact, her birthmark is not bound by the same reality everyone else is used to and in fact extends off her face. FACT.
  • Tarra invented the board game "Kerfuffle", which Gameshow Network bought the rights for from Parker Brothers. Unlike Ellie, her game is actually sold in stores.
  • Tarra's average day is more exciting and interesting than anyone elses most interesting day. FACT.
  • Tarra's official sisterhood council designation is "The Perfect One."
  • Tarra seems to be the only Buckingham sister to be in Graduate School, as she has been quoted as starting a thesis.
  • Tarra also seems to be the only Buckingham sister with a rogue's gallery
  • Tarra's designated codename for Black Thursday 2013 holiday shopping was "Mr. Brunette." Tarra was the only sister allowed to change her code name, it is now "Mr. Redhead."
  • Tarra was able to successfully complete the "Fusion Dance" with her sister, Pumpkin. Their combined powers formed Pumpagon. Ellie mistakenly called them Tarrakin.

Non-comic appearances.

Tarra and other Shotgun Shuffle characters seem to occasionally post in the comments of various comics. It's unknown who the posters are and it is doubtful that these appearances are considered canon but it adds a level of fun to the overall Shotgun Shuffle experience. Tarra's first post in the comments of the comic can be found here and she's posted periodically ever since.

Tarra Facts

Tarra has a number of FACTS associated with her, kind of like Chuck Norris. Unlike Chuck Norris every one of them is true. Here is a list of some of them:

  • The first sister to start her own business.
  • The tallest sister.
  • The sister with the longest hair.
  • The only sister whos birthmark doubles as blush.
  • Most envied sister.
  • The only sister that never sleeps.
  • The only sister to run for public office.
  • The only sister to travel abroad.
  • The only sister to solve a Rubik’s cube.
  • The only sister who can juggle Rubik’s cubes while solving them.
  • The only sister to win a lifetime achievement award (twice!)
  • The only sister to swim the Atlantic, then earn her pilot’s license to fly back.
  • The only sister that owns patents (75.)
  • Named what science now calls “Hyper Death.”
  • Invented “Tarra”-forming.
  • Can successfully perform the Fusion Dance.
  • Has taught her youngest sister to perform the Fusion Dance.
  • Became Pumpagon, as a result of the Fusion Dance with Pumpkin.
  • The only American Canadians approve of.
  • The only sister to survive the zombie apocalypse (as seen in comic #12,957.)
  • She rescued an orphanage from an out-of-control tilt-a-whirl.
  • Invented cold fusion but didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the real scientists who are researching it.
  • Won the high school science fair with the robot she built on the ride to the fair.
  • She saved the Queen of England twice. Once by going undercover as an umpire in an Angels baseball game which the queen was attending where she had to fight Khan Noonien Singh to get the girl, and then once when the queen almost ate a summer pudding that had spoiled.
  • Chuck Norris refuses to fight Tarra because he claims he won’t hit a girl but FACT, he is afraid of Tarra.
  • Fact, Tarra’s scissors can cut Chuck Norris’s beard.
  • Tarra’s hair is so tightly braided, when unravelled, it can circle the earth twice.
  • Tarra is the reason Chuck Norris no longer has his 80s mullet.
  • there were those two times when Tarra herself circled the earth: once as part of a race around the world (which she totally won), and once in a spaceship she built by herself out of an old canoe, a bunch of coffee filters, some spare wire, and half a Snickers bar.
  • She is 100% self-taught in playing 12 musical instruments, speaking 16 languages, practicing 9 diverse styles of martial arts, and the ways of the force.
  • Tara was able to prove on the same piece of paper that 2+2=/= 4 half of the time, and that the speed of light can be broken with a Twix bar, two paper clips and a pizza box.
  • Tarra can regrow her own severed limbs! FACT!
  • Tarra’s dandruff, when collected in sufficient quantities, can create the Artificial Intelligence Singularity. It’s why MIT, NSA, and the DoD purchase her hair care for her. Bill Gates however, is in cahoots with the Disney Family in order to bring Walt’s pre-recorded entity back to life in the next Mystery Men movie.
  • Tarra’s skin is so perfect, it will not allow mere human made makeup to be applied to itself. That’s why it radiates a low level, high intensity force field, with a decent enough static coefficient to allow for the adherence of terrestrial makeup and cosmetics to it without marring the natural perfection of a health Tarra Glow. Soon to be marketed and trademarked in a century near you.
  • Tarra's braid is held in place only through the sheer force of her will.
  • Tarra appears to have prehensile hair. It is currently believed to be under her active control as opposed to being a separate sentient entity, but this has not been conclusively proven.
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