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Pumpkin Buckingham

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Pumpkin Buckingham is the youngest Buckingham sister and shares the distinction with Ellie of being the only other character to appear in the first comic, "Pilot." Pumpkin briefly had the Buckingham house sister free after Ellie was kicked out of the house but Cinnamon has since moved back in. Pumpkin is a Disney fangirl, avid cosplayer and uses her cosplaying skillz to create and sell wigs. Being the youngest sister Pumpkin is still in high school.

First appearance. Strip #1 "Pilot"


  • Pumpkin seems to be closest to Ellie and is sometimes referred to by her older sister as "mini-me," as well as another diminutive moniker, "half stack."
  • Pumpkin is the first person as well as first sister that Ellie calls upon purchasing a new iNimbus phone.
  • Pumpkin's hair is naturally fair blonde.
  • Pumpkin is 15 years old and the seventh Buckingham sister by birth order.
  • Pumpkin's birthmark on her cheeks is "G."
  • Pumpkin has named her hobby business Heads or Tails Pumpkin's House of Custom Cosplay and Wiggery.
  • Pumpkin has not yet received an official sisterhood council designation. She currently has the Sisterhood title of "Too soon to tell."
  • Pumpkin is friends with Ashlii and Bubbles. Ashlii and Pumpkin are often seen with each both in and out of school.
  • Pumpkin's designated codename for Black Thursday 2013 holiday shopping is "Mr. Yellowish Red."
  • Pumpkin was able to successfully complete the "Fusion Dance" with her sister, Tarragon. Their combined powers combined formed Pumpagon. Ellie mistakenly called them Tarrakin.

Non-comic appearances.

Pumpkin and other Shotgun Shuffle characters seem to occasionally post in the comments of various comics. It's unknown who the posters are and it is doubtful that these appearances are considered canon but it adds a level of fun to the overall Shotgun Shuffle experience. Pumpkin's first post in the comments of the comic can be found here and she's posted periodically ever since. Pumpkin also has her own tumblr page here.

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