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O'Jacks Burgers and Fries

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This page is a duplicate of O'Jacks and should be deleted to avoid having to update two pages.

The site of Ellie's second job. Birth place of the Omega Pestilence. Another example of the recurring "Letter O motif." Ashliii also worked here.

More employees will be added here as the wiki develops as well as some important story development points. O'Jacks served an important purpose both in introducing Ellie to the realities of the working world (and the fact that rage quitting is not always the answer) as well as introducing some important characters. Also the impending end of humanity.

First comic appearance (training video) "And a giant purple tumor." First in store appearance "Trial by fryer. Employees personalities spelled out a bit in the author's post on this comic.


  • Barrel
  • KK

Managers-in-training ***

  • Ellie (after learning every position during night shift)


-Night Shift

-Day Shift

  • Ernesto
  • gossip salad queen
  • Drive Thru ice queen
  • Old lady in front



  • Blind Guy, a.k.a. Mr. Stevens.
  • Kids
  • Alex
  • Live Creature lady
  • My son already has Sophia
  • Mom wants to know if you want an indifferent meal
  • some shady kids
  • Idunno
  • Also Ashliii

-Drive Thru

Shut down by

Shut down because of

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