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Juniper Buckingham

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Juniper Buckingham is the middle child. She no longer lives at home though wherever it is she does live her mother doesn't seem terribly proud of her (and was stated by the author to not know where Juniper lives). A high school drop out and habitual drunk Juniper's string of poor life choices have left her seemingly poorly regarded by her family though her skills at breaking and entering and general ability to get things done when she does put her mind to it may mean she's not beyond redemption.

First appearance (flashback) "Juniper" First "real" appearance "Sisters of the moon part 2"


  • Juniper is 22 years old and the fourth Buckingham sister by birth order.
  • Juniper is the second Buckingham sister to birth children.
  • Juniper has given her son Tag up for adoption to Ginger.
  • Juniper's natural hair color is dishwater/dirty blonde.
  • Juniper's birthmark on her cheeks is the letter "S."
  • Juniper went through high school attempt either the "Slept In" or "Slept ON" look as discussed by Quinn and Ellie during their walk along side Lake Hollingsworth in Juniper
  • Juniper's pregnancy is the implied reason she dropped out of school. Fan speculation at the time was that her sister Ginger may currently be raising her child for her. This is at least suggested to be the case (and will soon be clarified) by this comment by the author. CLARIFIED.
    • Note the father of Juniper's child is Zane, the boyfriend she stole from Quinn
      • At present it is officially known that this child is not Ginger's offspring, but is definitely xxxxx adopted by Ginger. - Tag Buckingham (?) - one of the two middle children being raised by William and Ginger, supposedly from a relationship between Juniper Buckingham and Zane. # birthmark, possibly wears second hand clothes, first appearance: Ginger Name appears in strip unknown at this time No more than three years old.
        • This situation has caused manly tears to be shed.
  • Juniper's official sisterhood council designation is "The Slutty One."
  • Juniper's designated codename for Black Thursday 2013 holiday shopping is "Mr. Rainbow."

Non-comic appearances.

  • Juniper and other Shotgun Shuffle characters seem to occasionally post in the comments of various comics. It's unknown who the posters are and it is doubtful that these appearances are considered canon but it adds a level of fun to the overall Shotgun Shuffle experience. Juniper's first post in the comments of the comic can be found here and she's posted periodically ever since.
  • Juniper also appears to have a Google+ page.
  • Juniper's icon on the site leads to her flickr account.
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