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James Blackford

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James Blackford, the friendly outgoing nerd who either has a crush on Quinn or is just a geniunely nice guy who wants to help her make friends, give her rides to and from school and invite her to the movies. It's possible he understands on some level that he should be pursuing girls but just can't work out quite how it's supposed to be done. He also has a car full of collectibles that would make most nerds jealous.

First appearance 88mph = time travel


  • Contents of car include various 'memorabilia'. Optimus Prime action figure, axe, shield, Goku figure, Ham Ham, Angry Birds Plushie, General Greivas Helmet, Master Chief Helmet, Storm Trooper Helmet, Darth Vader Helmet, Sword
  • Chris revealed that James' signature rosy cheeks are rosacea.
  • James' major is Engineering.
  • James' yearbook picture can be found on Name Dropping
  • In You're So Evil it was revealed that James' character is heavily based on an old friend of Chris' from high school.
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