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Get Mart

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Get Mart. This is a fictional retailer based upon some big box store that may or may not have started in a state that has A in it somewhere. Get Mart was started in the 1960's by Gettidious Martinson on a simple family hog farm. Annotation, Shotgun, last referenced 2/11/2014 Much Bacon Was Had. Mr. Martinson believed strongly in manifest destiny. This might explain the numerous stores that have been expanded in order to maximize customer dismay. However, people passing the family farm were in awe of the slightly used consumer goods that landed in a neatly merchandised and reasonably priced display. Thus, the birth of Get Mart.

America's number one junk retailer pervaded the scene through muscling out the lesser retailers and strategic placement of Get Mart consumer habitats. Also, Get Mart is also the first store to have escaped the grasp of Earth's gravity and has branched out across the cosmos, with the closest planetary outlet on Mars. Annertations, Shotgun Shuffle dot com, last refereed 2/11/2014 Everything in Panel 4 Rocks

Anyway: Here's the infodump


Employed by Get Mart, Lakeland, Florida location:


From Get Mart new hire training video


Applicants shown: The other 6 hours are unclear


Products proudly containered and corried by Get Mart include:

  • o'pad
    • Our first product o'pad is a computational device that requires the user to throw away upon opening the package and accepting the end user agreement upon removal from the container. Was going to be utilized to take cat pictures and store them for future sharing on the interwebs. First shown in strip Seven Steps of the Sale. This item is available from the fictional retailer Get Mart.
  • Tobacco
    • Westpoint Methol Shorts
      • Peach Flavored 100s
      • Apple Kind
    • Grizzled Flavored Snuff
      • Bacon
      • Smurfberry
    • You need a description for flavored leaves in a paper tube? Really? First shown in strip The Littlest Nicfit. This/These item(s) is/are available from the fictional retailer Get Mart. Disclaimer Tobacoo use in this strip is portrayed in a manner of parody to poke at life like a bunch of kids and a corpse. (/Disclaimer)
  • Tilex with Death
  • Mtn Wiz
  • Dish Away
  • Flop
  • Pie Cake
  • Fish
  • Commemorative plates about commemorative plates - Elvis one shown.
  • Flashlight - Flashlight

Products improrted from Covington, Louisiana:

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