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Ellie Buckingham

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Ellie Buckingham is arguably the main character of the comic (at least the first arc, as per the author here, KK will be main character in final arc and Ellie will just cameo, which isn't surprising since the final story arc will be taking place at the same chronological time in-comic as this arc with the 'split point' being around the comic "Ratches"). Ellie has distinguished herself by being booted from her parents house, booted from her apartment before returning and voluntarily leaving her apartment before returning. Her employment track record follows a similar pattern with quit, almost fired, almost promoted, (or technically promoted dependant on how "Manager in training" was viewed at O'Jacks) fired, quit and currently holding down an unknown number of seasonal (Christmas) jobs (stated by Quinn to be four here, though possibly that's meant to be more joking than serious). Oh yea, she seems to have just quit one of the those to go shopping on Black Thursday. Ellie is under the assumption that her family believes that Quinn and Ellie are a lesbian couple. Though it may just be Ginger messing with Ellie. She occasionally finds Quinn stupid sexy.

First appearance. Strip #1 "Pilot"


  • Ellie's birth name is Lavender Erinn (or L.E.) which she hated so much she had it legally changed to Ellie upon reaching 18.
    • Rusche first mentioned this in the comments when we saw a hint of Ellie's yearbook here and it's grandchild post.
    • While mentioned out of comic panels by Rusche, first blatant mention of name change in-comic was by Tarra in "Kerfuffle".
    • Ellie's middle name of Erinn was revealed in "Fusion Dance".
  • Cinnamon and Ellie are fraternal twins.
  • Ellie's natural hair color is blonde.
  • Ellie is 18 years old at the start of the comic and the fifth Buckingham sister by birth order. Her 19th birthday party is shown in-comic starting with the comic "Tears of a Cloud".
  • Ellie's birthmark on her cheeks is the letter "N."
  • Ellie's official sisterhood council designation is "The Lazy One."
  • Ellie owns (and overfeeds) Fatty McFatFat.
    • Ellie apparently has a history of overfeeding animals in general.
      • Currently, there are four known animals that have been overfed.
  • Ellie has the largest... umm... eyes... among the seven sisters.
  • Ellie attempted to create the board game "Stop that hurts" but was unable to copyright acts of violence.
  • Ellie's designated codename for Black Thursday 2013 holiday shopping is "Mr. Lavender."
  • Ellie's character design gives her the distinction of being the only character normally depicted with multiple eye highlights.
  • Ellie has been out of High School for over a year Like, Oh EMM GEEE!!1!

Resume/Job Application information


  • Lakeland Senior High School


  • Get Mart
    • Cashier
      • Quit
  • O'Jacks
    • Fry Girl, Cashier, Table, Grill Cook, management trainee (Completed training)
      • Involuntary Termination
        • Place of Location razeed due to unknown Health Code Violation
  • Someplace unknown
    • Tray Girl ##(needs updated information, link borken)
      • Quit

Seasonal Employment

  • Kohl's
    • Cashier

Non-comic appearances.

Ellie and other Shotgun Shuffle characters seem to occasionally post in the comments of various comics. It's unknown who the posters are and it is doubtful that these appearances are considered canon but it adds a level of fun to the overall Shotgun Shuffle experience. Ellie's first post in the comments of the comic can be found here and she's posted periodically ever since.

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