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Florida Southern College, or FSC has the motto: "Home of the Fighting Pacifists" as revealed in the strip KARMA. This is based upon the real college of the same name, and both the fictional and real colleges are based in Lakeland, Florida. FSC's website link is here: Florida Southern College. According to their website Florida Southern College, or FSC, the following is taken from their history page.

The oldest private college in Florida, Florida Southern College was founded in Orlando in 1883 as South Florida Institute.

Soon afterward, it moved to Leesburg. In 1885, a college curriculum was added and the college was opened to male and female students. In 1901, the college moved to Sutherland, now Palm Harbor, and in 1906, it was renamed Southern College. The college temporarily moved to Clearwater from 1921 to 1922, and in 1922, it moved again to the shores of Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland. In 1935, the Trustees adopted the name Florida Southern College.

Despite changes in name and location, the College’s affiliation with the Methodist Church has remained constant, shaping its mission and traditions.

Several of the characters shown in the Shotgun Shuffle universe attend this college.

-According to the conversation at a restaurant with a Chili Pepper logo on the menu

-According to someone, with unknown web source.

  • Green, Alex was a student studying a Major of #*@#&*, with an Art Minor. Due to disciplinary actions, student has been expelled.
  • Jeremy Not Fat, Not Drunk, and Not Stupid.
  • Jeremy's Girlfriend Unknown, but afraid of Quinn.

Faculty -Physics Professor with too much time to design Startship Enterprise on a brand name C.A.D., with the weblink for 88 miles per hour. Can not stand the topics brought up every day. Every day.

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