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The fictional products page of


complete with borken page styles.

There are a many number of items within the SHOTGUN SHUFFLE universe that have yet to receive their honorable mention within the halls of the World Wide Web. So, let's not dilly dally, shall we? Our first products revealed in this universe has to deal with the tablet craze. Brought forth by The Letter O.

My First Media Productional Company, Inc., would like to inform you, our savvy interwebs customers that this page is in fact, not borken, but that it has been revamped to show all of the places where our wonderful fictional products and products used in a fictional setting come from. I mean, that's not borken at all, is it?

Fictional Products

-Get Mart

Disclaimer Tobacoo use in this strip is portrayed in a manner of parody to poke at life like a bunch of kids and a corpse. (/Disclaimer)

-Get Mart Generic Items

- O'Jacks Burgers and Fries!

- Unknown Phone Store

  • oNimbus - oNimbus is a communications device that two tin cans, string, helium balloons, and a $65.oo/month fee. First shown in strip 404'd.
  • O'Pad - O'Pad is a computational device that requires the user to throw away upon opening the package and accepting the end user agreement upon removal from the container. Was going to be utilized to take cat pictures and store them for future sharing on the interwebs. First shown in strip Seven Steps Of The Sale.

- Other businesses

- Niche markets

- Discussion by the boys

- The Girls' Apartment

  • Tubby Taters - Tubby Taters is a snack food product. First shown in strip Urp.

- Black Friday shopping (real items like crock pot, batwoman statue, and bluray player not included)

The fictional products page is a creation of My First Media Productional Company, Inc.


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