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Caleb McVie

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A Canadian businessman. Owner of the website

Caleb first appears in Sorey not Sorey berating Danny for wasting his money by renting a booth at Onamonapiacon and hiring Ellie. He instructs Danny to send Ellie home and not pay her.

Caleb fails to follow up on that order. Weeks later he is shocked to discover that Danny has spent their entire $20,000 US account on various entertainment expenses and setting up the website

Calab promptly flies to Florida with the intention of killing Danny. His assault is only stopped when he discovers that Danny has doubled his money. However, upon discovering that Danny failed to obtain Ellie and Quinn's consent for their participation on the website, realizing his company is inextricably tied to the website, and observing the two women assault Alex he orders the website taken down.

Ellie and Quinn discover the website and confront Danny and Caleb about it. Caleb offers a settlement which the women eventually agree to. Ellie drives Caleb back to the airport.

Caleb later sends Ellie a factory-new laptop, which is delayed in arriving due to her change of address.

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