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Ashliii Torii Abaddon

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Ashliii Torii Abaddon (last name spotted on Pumpkin's social media friend list here) worked at O'Jacks with Ellie until the store was closed down for creating the Omega Pestilence. Ashliii is a 15 year old with a fairly serious texting addiction. Ashliii is friends with Pumpkin and Bubbles.

First comic appearance "There's always a younger teenager."

Ashliii was dubbed Launchpad McQuack by her O'Jacks co-worker Caz in the comic Rage Text. In response to commenters requesting seeing Pumpkin (who appears to be a cosplay enthusiast) force Ashliii to dress up as Launchpad McQuack, the author stated here that he'd see what he could do.

Rumor - Commenter TheLastOutlaw replied to Rusche here referencing Ashliii as the daughter of Dheu, which would explain her last name but raise other questions. This author comment would also jive with Dheu being Ashliii's father.

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