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Anise Buckingham

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Anise Buckingham is the perky goth of the family. She's also currently the number one suspect amongst fans as being the sister with one eye. She's the last in the line of "successful" sisters, the line that broke with Juniper and has yet to be picked up again by Ellie, Cinnamon or Pumpkin. (But to be fair to Pumpkin she's a bit young still.)

First appearance (flashback) "Anise" First "real" appearance "Tears of a cloud"


  • Anise is 24 years old and the third Buckingham sister by birth order.
  • Anise dyes her hair platinum blonde, her natural hair color is unknown.
  • Anise's birthmark on her cheeks is the letter "H."
  • Anise likes facial hair. Anise REALLY likes facial hair.
    • During Black Friday shopping Anise flashed her breasts to Santa (along with the crowd of children). The author described her beard fascination in the comments as follows: "Anise’s backstory is somewhere along the lines of having a religious mother, who disciplined her a lot for acting up and forcing her involvement in the church.. etc etc. So as a small child, her world revolved around Jesus, God, Santa.. and probably some Abe Lincoln book reports. So she’s made the conclusion beards equal manly goodness."
      • Anise was released from custody when mall security (who knew Anise by name) ran to deal with Cinn's ratchantulas here.
  • Anise also really likes to eat
  • Anise runs a tattoo parlor which she makes use of whenever she can't find a pen.
  • Anise's official sisterhood council designation is "The Weird One."
  • Anise's designated codename for Black Thursday 2013 holiday shopping is "Mr. Black" where she was paired with Mr. Reddish Yellow on "Team Reject."
    • It is speculated in the comments that Anise's beard-induced love for Santa and the hijinks that ensue is a prime consideration for her assignment to "Team Reject."
  • Anise has stated she suffers from "I.B.S." (aka Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
    • The author stated in the post comment for the comic Batwoman that Anise took hair and headband down on the toilet as a spoof of Seinfeld character George Costanza's habit of shirt removal on the toilet. He added to the reference by having her exclamation on finding out Santa was arriving early be "Sweet Fancy Moses!".
  • The 'meta' sisters commenting in the comics for both Anise and Juniper have both stated that Anise has a tendency towards pantslessness. The author neither confirmed nor denied this, but she did have pants in the following comic, though in the comic after that she flashed her breasts at a mall Santa in front of the crowd of children.

Non-comic appearances.

Anise and other Shotgun Shuffle characters seem to occasionally post in the comments of various comics. It's unknown who the posters are and it is doubtful that these appearances are considered canon but it adds a level of fun to the overall Shotgun Shuffle experience. Anise's first post in the comments of the comic can be found here and she's posted periodically ever since.

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