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Alex Green

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Alex was introduced as the boyfriend of Quinn Nicks in 88mph=timetravel. He tried to convince Quinn to let him move in with her, but was rejected due to her father's requirement that her roommate be a girl and Quinn's already having found a new roommate.

When Alex meets Ellie Buckingham he is instantly attracted to her. Subsequently, dreaming about Quinn's head on Ellie's body while sleeping next to Quinn gets him kicked out of her apartment. He meets Ellie on the stairs and invites her to model for his figure drawing class.

When Quinn's car breaks down she calls Alex to ask him to get his friend Jeremy to fix it, again. He calls Quinn while she is hanging out with Ian Egan and his friends and is waiting outside her apartment building when the drop her of. He tells her her car is fixed.

Alex then visits Ellie while she is working at O'Jacks. He walks through the drive-thru in order to talk to her. He complains about his communication issues with Quinn and asks for advice. Ellie tells him to break up with Quinn. She also says she doesn't know if Quinn is cheating on him, but that she would tell him if she did know.

Ellie then shows up at Alex's figure drawing class to model and tell him that Quinn is interested in another guy. After the class he buys Ellie dinner and they go back to his dorm room so Ellie can use his computer.

Alex suggests he date Ellie and Ellie tries to leave. Before she can Alex kisses her and Ellie punches him. She tells him he is out of line. Alex says dating each other would be a good way to get back at Quinn. Ellie says she isn't attracted to him. He accuses her of only telling him about Quinn's unfaithfulness to get back at Quinn and Ellie accuses him of faking his heartbreak to elicit sympathy. Ellie leaves.

Alex posts a naked drawing he'd made of Ellie on the Art Department bulletin board to get revenge. Later Quinn, having learned that Alex has made a habit of hitting on her roommates, kicks him in the groin and through a wooden railing effectively breaking up with him. Alex is then assaulted by a group of women who he had drawn lurid pictures of, which Qiunn had discovered while searching his room, and is expelled from college.

Alex tries to apply for a job at O'Jacks. KK has him fill out an application despite the business having been shut down and the building being fumigated.

Months later he is apparently living at a local YMCA. He shows up at Ellie and Quinn's apartment to apologize, but they realize his is just trying to see which of them forgives him and assault him.

He apparently continues to stalk Ellie and Quinn.

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